iC-Malaga designs integrated circuits (iCs) on request (ASICs) or in collaboration with other electronic sector companies (ASSP) developing I+D+i projects, propitiating knowledge transference and allowing mircoelectronics integrated technologies access to its customers.


The customer raises the concrete issue or innovative idea. iC-Malaga contributes with its know-how in microelectronics advising on the definition and product viability, proposing the most adequate techonology (CMOS, 24V BiCMOS, bipolar,...) and studing the costs and realization times. Once iC fundamental characteristics are fixed, iC-Malaga designs the developed product, if it is necessary, discrete prototypes using FPGAs or even manufacturing samples in silicon. After first silicon samples qualification, the result is an iC manufactured and serial tested by iC-Haus GmbH company.

iC-Haus is one of the first iC production 'fabless' companies in Germany. With more than 20 years of experience in iC design and production, iC-Haus is specialized on industrial products with medium series, that due to their characteristics require a medium or large lifespan on the market. The main value of the company is the high technology level and its capability to access different silicon techonologies by contacting multiple silicon manufacturers (fabs or foundries) around the world.

For all these reasons we can tell that iC-Haus and iC-Malaga are 'The fab of the medium and small companies', giving the possibility to these companies to generate a new competitive value, developing iC based technologies and accessing new market quotes.