Other typical applications of our iCs are, I/O drivers, Optical and magnetic encoder applications, safety applications, sensor systems and laser drivers. For a complete list of applications, please visit the website of iC-Haus .

Applications guide:

- Industrial I/O: 24V I/O ports, 24V output drivers, 24V RS422 line drivers, BiSS/SSI Interface, 24V inputs, Solenoid valve and relay drivers, ABZ interfaces y IO-Link transceiver.

- Motion control: Optical position encoders, magnetic position encoders, sine/cosine interpolation, UVW motor commutation (optical), UVW motor commutation (magnetic), ABZ position counting (single) and ABZ position counting (multiple).

- Safety: Safety light barrier / curtain (single/multi beam), Fail-safe FET driver, safety signal driver and encoder safety monitor.

- Sensor systems: Optical image sensors, optical triangulation position sensor, magnetic speed sensors, magnetic linear position sensors, sensor signal conditioning, IO-Link transceiver (single), IO-Link transceiver (dual), NPN/PNP/PP supply and sensor power supply.

- Laser systems: Laser print head driver, laser diode driver modules, optical laser measurement and high resolution beamer / displays.

- Lighting modules: Car / TV laser or LED lighting and optical encoder LED.